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Technion optics related course map


Find full presentation from the 30/4/2018 Academia-Industry conference here: AcademyIndustry OSA Technion



Hidden Gems – Papers you (probably) have not read, but really should – as recommended by the 21/6/2017 “The Future of Photonics” panel members:

  • Jukić, Dario, and Hrvoje Buljan. “Four-dimensional photonic lattices and discrete tesseract solitons.” Physical Review A 87.1 (2013): 013814.
  • Butz, S., et al. “A one-dimensional tunable magnetic metamaterial.” Optics express 21.19 (2013): 22540-22548.
  • Umucalılar, R. O., and I. Carusotto. “Artificial gauge field for photons in coupled cavity arrays.” Physical Review A 84.4 (2011): 043804.
  • Lu, Ling, and Zhong Wang. “Topological one-way fiber of second Chern number.” arXiv preprint arXiv:1611.01998 (2016).
  • Greffet, Jean-Jacques, Marine Laroche, and François Marquier. “Impedance of a nanoantenna and a single quantum emitter.” Physical Review Letters 105.11 (2010): 117701.
  • Torres, Theo, et al. “Observation of superradiance in a vortex flow.” Nature Physics 4151 (2017).
  • Politi, Alberto, et al. “Silica-on-silicon waveguide quantum circuits.” Science 320.5876 (2008): 646-649.
  • Peleg, Or, et al. “Nonlinear waves in subwavelength waveguide arrays: Evanescent bands and the “phoenix soliton”.” Physical review letters 102.16 (2009): 163902.